Investment Opportunities

Medini occupies a nexus of strategic geographical positioning and government backing

Now is an excellent time to invest in Medini. The area’s world-class infrastructure and incentives present compelling investment opportunities. Investors can capitalise on an array of financial and employment incentives such as 10 years exemption from corporate tax and the ability to source capital globally (for more information on incentives, click here). Iskandar Investment is responsive to business arrangements such as outright sale, joint ventures, and other types of mutually beneficial collaborations.

Iskandar Investment facilitates joint ventures and collaborations with investors and developers to accelerate the progress of development in Medini. The approach has led to the commencement of catalytic projects across the cluster sectors of Tourism & Leisure, Education, Health & Wellness and Creative, which are creating a virtuous circle effect; they attract residents, tourists and businesses from within Malaysia and overseas which in turn attract others leading to the goal of achieving the goal of critical mass. Investors entering at this stage will directly benefit from the increase of activity this strategy has garnered.