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Medini’s strategic location and commercial potential has led to landmark transactions from foreign investors. RM4 billion alone has been spent on building best-in-class infrastructure. This allows property developers to enter Medini on a plug-and-play basis. Utility piping, roads, security and sewerage to name a few are in place and available for connection.

Property developers who qualify to operate in Medini will benefit from a unique set of incentives including 10 years of corporate tax exemption, the ability to source capital globally and the opportunity to sell/sub-sell 100% of property to non-Malaysians. Other incentives are also available.

Mid to large sized companies such as MNCs and GLCs that have a requirement to own and/or occupy their own commercial building but need professional assistance, can utilise our subsidiary: Iskandar Development Management Services. Through IDMS, a total development solution is available including development management, master plan and urban design management, design management, construction management, cost & contract management, risk management and facility management.


Medini has transformed rapidly in the past three years and is now the base for a world-class township. Iskandar Investment welcomes the opportunity to discuss terms with consultants – be they architects, engineers or agents – who are surveying for such a site on behalf of their company or a third party.

Fund Managers


Medini presents an attractive investment opportunity due to the incentives on offer and the range of investment scenarios available to fund managers. For a discussion tailored around a particular set of requirements, please contact our investment team directly.

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