Value Creation

The evidence of value creation is found throughout Medini and its surrounding area

Iskandar Investment has been charged with overseeing the transformation of Medini into the CBD of Iskandar Puteri  and helping Iskandar Malaysia become a modern metropolis of international standing. Adjacent to Medini our goal has been to create EduCity, a modern, multi-campus education hub where schools and universities of international renown can serve students from around the world. Now are main focus is to bring in the development companies and investors that will build upon the momentum which IIB has created.

These unique challenges could only be achieved by creating value for the players involved. And it is value creation that is at the heart of Iskandar Investment’s mission. A prime example of this philosophy is the multi-billing ringgit embedded infrastructure, enabling developers plug-and-play access in Medini. Within and surrounding Medini are highways, arterial roads, connector roads, piping, sewerage, fibre optics and more. Developers are able to wipe off monetary and time costs associated with installing infrastructure around their projects. It is all in place ready to be tapped into and utilised.

Every project in our landbank bears the hallmark of value creation. World-class infrastructure has added value for developers; our master planning has ensured a progressive, modern township layout with surrounding facilities that complement one another; the futuristic Smart + Connected Iskandar Puteri  will add value to all citizens and businesses that occupy this area; and our cluster strategy, adapted from the Malaysian government’s National Key Economic Areas, has added value to developers and investors in terms on concessions and incentives.

Our role as a catalyst of change involves providing multiple reasons to invest in the area. This is the essence of value creation. Everyone who enters this community – be they developers, investors, residents, business owners and workers – are reaping the benefits of this strategy.