Cluster Development Strategy

As organisations face increasing global competition, clusters provide a leading-edge solution to boost efficiency and innovation

The cluster strategy in place at Medini is derived from the Malaysian government’s National Key Economic Areas policy. The 12 NKEAs identified were chosen to spearhead Malaysia’s progress toward becoming a developed nation by 2020. At this juncture our cluster strategy promotes four key industries chosen from the national field of 12: Tourism & Leisure, Education, Healthcare & Wellness and Creative. Organisations that operate within these clusters benefit from:

  • Skilled National and International Labour Forces;
  • Increased Innovation and Knowledge Spillover;
  • Coordinated Advocacy Efforts;
  • Purpose Built And High Quality Connectivity;
  • Governmental Concessions & Incentives.

Our cluster strategy champions companies and institutions, empowering them to compete nationally and globally

A key objective of the business cluster strategy is to establish a virtuous cycle of exponential population and business growth. The clusters create a critical mass which generates multiplier effects in boosting demand for services, accommodation, retail and office space within Medini and the wider Iskandar region. With increased demand comes an influx of suppliers, who in turn augment the population and create their own demand requirements.

Businesses operating within Medini’s clusters have access to newly built world-class facilities and infrastructure. Every building, road and park forms part of a sophisticated, holistic master plan. The individual components work in synergy to bolster the strength of Medini and consequently the organisations and individuals that operate within its borders. Each parcel of land is planned prudently, benefiting organisations and residents by providing an attractive, modern, business-friendly environment.

Providing further advantages to any organisation operating in our clusters is EduCity. This multi-campus education zone is home to international-class schools and universities from around the world. EduCity is currently a 600 acre zone (2.4 sq. km) zone but this allotment is set to rise as the result of a successful university recruitment drive. Companies can benefit with links to these universities and will have greater access to skilled graduates at the end of every academic year as well as low-cost part time labour throughout the year.

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