Healthcare & Wellness

The Healthcare & Wellness cluster is anchored by Gleneagles Medini Hospital, a name synonymous with excellence in its field.

Healthcare & Wellness in Malaysia is a billion dollar industry projected to grow. It is this economic potential that has led the Malaysian government to position healthcare as one of the country’s 12 National Key Economic Areas (NKEAs). Iskandar Investment created the Health & Wellness cluster to capitalise on this opportunity.

Our key catalytic driver project for healthcare is Gleneagles Medini Hospital. Part of the Parkway Pantai Group, Gleneagles is a long-established brand with a reputation for excellence. Gleneagles Medini Hospital will be a fully integrated healthcare facility featuring a 300-bed hospital, nursing home and a rehabilitation centre, developed on 15 acres of prime Medini land.

Medini’s strategic location allows healthcare operators to attract patients from Malaysia, Singapore and the wider region. Malaysia already has a stellar reputation as a medical tourism hub: the country is the most visited medical tourism destination by UK patients, attracting 8.5% of all UK medical tourists. Gleneagles Medini will also be one of the hospitals where Singapore residents can use their Medisave to help pay for their hospitalisation overseas.

Focussing on the wellness segment is the 210-acre Medini Integrated Wellness Capital, developed by Eastern & Oriental Bhd. This fully integrated community will feature a wide array of residential configurations, 18 acres of commercial development and a 12.5-acre wellness sanctuary all bordered by a peaceful mangrove forest.

Complementing the Medini Integrated Wellness Capital is a 4.6 acre urban wellness centre strategically located between the Mall of Medini & Gleneagles Medini Hospital. The centre will boast commercial retail establishments favouring wellness-related concepts, an urban wellness spa, corporate training retreats and serviced apartments.

Surrounding developments include the 80-bed Columbia Asia Hospital. This community hospital is located in Afiat Healthpark, approximately 10 minutes journey by car from Gleneagles Medini Hospital. It has been designed to complement larger hospitals in Iskandar Malaysia by serving patients suffering minor injuries and those requiring short inpatient stays.